Too much tequila. The ghost of your best friend.a stripper with a heart of gold.

Poetic, dark, hilarious, profound, charming; Dead Men Naked is On the Road meets Neil Gaiman, a steaming hot cup of magical realism, dark fantasy, literary fiction and poetry that will make you laugh and cry and keep you awake long into the night.

A Zombie Apocalypse with no zombies; the Vatican secretly in contact with Aliens; a heroin junkie that loves poetry - and much more.

With imaginative and descriptive writing reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges, John Fante, Kurt Vonnegut, The collection comprehends three previously published stories ("The Galway Review”, “Trigger Warning”, “Two Thousand Words” and “Chantwood Magazine"); five new unpublished pieces; and for the first time in a collection, the best-selling story “Impurità”, which was Selected Work in 2012 by Apple iBooks.

When Nick, a small gang criminal, decides to bring a gun home "to step up his game", he has to confront his girlfriend Dana on the meaning of violence.

This award-winning directorial debut was shot on BMPCC 4k with zero budget, and has been featured in various Film Festivals around the world.